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The Perfect Date
for Valentines 2008
Making Love in Public, romantic comedy

A "full length" comedy by john daniels, jr. 
5 couples, 2 acts, and novelties.

February 8, 14, 15, 16, 2008 
8:00 p.m. 
House opens at 7:30 p.m.
Dougherty Arts Theater
1110 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, Texas

Call for tickets 512-303-5516

Valentine's Event
Making Love in Public is...
john daniels, jr and Engela Edwards
the funniest romantic comedy you’ll see this year.  Audiences laugh for two hours and leave holding hands. This very popular live play is attracting people who have never gone to the theatre, and people who had stopped going to the theatre, in addition to the usual theater crowd. 
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The Best
Award winning actors - Engela Edwards & john daniels, jr.
Starring the original cast:  Engela Edwards and john daniels, jr.
Best romantic comedy.
Chosen 6 times as a Best Bet by the Austin American Statesman.

"A comedic hit since it premiered in Austin in January 2002, find out for yourself what's so funny."

Ginger Cowles, Austin American Statesman

Making laughter in public

Welcome to Dry Creek Relationship Retreat at Reality Check Ranch...equal parts love and laughter.

Jim Butler, The Bryan - College Station Eagle

"whacking Cupid on his cherubic funnybone"

Austin Chronicle

They are "Making Love in Public" in Bastrop and you're going to like it!

But just to clear up any confusion, Making Love in Public is not about making love in public, so much as it is about creating love, no matter where you are.

Jim Swift, KXAN News Austin: "Out on the Porch" 2006


REVIEW of the premiere production of 
Making Love in Public

This is fun.  Making Love in Public is fun. Enough said, but we want more. No matter what expectations the plays title gives us, once we hear Peter Frampton’s “Show Me the Way” and the lights fade to black, all bets are off.  Enter Engela Edwards and john daniels, jr., and the chemistry is electric before the first line.  Less than three minutes into the play, the first surprise makes us sit back and “listen to the music” of offbeat romance and comedy with no rules.  It is clear that our patience will yield us laughter in abundance.

But there is more.  Always more.

All lower case playwright john daniels, jr.’s romantic comedy is musical, lyrical and physical; filled with puns, paradox, and poetry.  It is silly, shameless, serious, and sensuous.  Couples find their way to a weekend relationship retreat that is a mixture of shamanism and new-age positivity, mixed with pop-culture psycho-babble and 70s music ballyhoo.  In this gestalt of Pavlov meets Dyer, the games these people play are a primal scream of laughter that leaves us thinking, “I’m Ok.  You’re Ok” and they’re, well...happy, something we should have learned in kindergarten.

All this and chocolate, too.

This show is sexy.  Edwards and daniels provide everything the imagination needs.  Their characters are attracted to each other, and everyone in the audience can and will identify with them.  We have been there, and we want to go there again. 

Edwards’ talent is used to the utmost as she dances, mimes, and plays the straight man. Everything she does is punctuated by one of five completely different contagious smiles.  She shares with us her feelings, and we can’t help but experience her and smile back.

We think about it.

daniels is a good-natured Chautaqua speaker using a comic pulpit to preach to the choir.  His performance is a demonstration of Zen and the art of cognizant characterization.  He goes from loud and outrageous to soft and thoughtful, from totally relaxed to incredibly uptight without a break and yet with breath.  He is an accomplished actor who hits the stage running yet knows how to tarry.

And we are thankful.

Edwards and daniels are so at ease on the stage, that we are comfortable.  When they have fun, we have fun.  When they are excited, we are excited.  When they are joyful, we are joyful.  It is said that acting is doing something; and when they are happy, they are doing something.

Take someone you love to this play, because you will want to hold hands.  You’ll have fun.  You will want more.

On Line Review, January 2002.
Best romantic comedy.
Best romantic comedy.
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The funniest romantic comedy you'll see this year!

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