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  Engela Edwards

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   Michelle Billett

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A Howling Courtroom Comedy

By Alec Strum
Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur 
Directed by Michelle Billett

Friday, January 22nd, 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, January 23rd, 2:00 p.m. 

Sunday, January 24th, 2:00 p.m.
Round Rock Amphitheatr
*This is an outdoor amphitheater. Please bring your own blanket or chair
301 W. Bagdad Ave, Round Rock, Texas

Also:  Saturday, January 30th, 3:30 performance (a cutting of the play will be performed) at Meridian World School.  (We’ll also have an info booth set up there.) 2555 North IH 35, Round Rock, TX

A courtroom has never been more lively and fun than in The Big Bad Musical! 

Our wonderful cast presents this smart and wickedly funny musical which is great for audiences of any age.  You must decide the outcome of the biggest trial ever in the fairy-tale world!  The notorious Big Bad Wolf is being slapped with a class-action lawsuit by storybooks of quirky characters who want to get even: Little Red Riding Hood, her Grandmother, the Three Little Pigs and the Shepherd.  With Sydney Grimm as the commentator on live court TV, the two greatest legal minds in the Enchanted Forest—the Evil Stepmother and the Fairy Godmother—clash in a trial that will be remembered forever after.  As our wronged fairy tale characters testify, the wolf seems deserving of all that’s coming.  Yet, even though the infamous Evil Stepmother resents doing pro-bono work on such an obviously futile defense, Mr. Wolf makes a good case for himself. Was he born a criminal, or made one? You watch, you listen to Bill Francoeur’s toe-tapping tunes, and you decide.

Approximately one hour.

“Big Bad” Ensemble (except Wolf) 
“I Got Nothin’ to Say” Wolf, Wolfettes, Little Red, Boy, Chorus 
“No More” Fairy Godmother, Chorus 
“He Huffed and He Puffed” Pig One, Two, Three, Chorus 
“Have Mercy On Me” Wolf, Wolfettes, Chorus 
“May All Your Ever-Afters” Grimm, Chorus 
“No More” (Curtain Call) Ensemble 
“May All Your Ever-Afters” Ensemble Finale

Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado

EASY Theatre Spring/Summer 2016 project

From Michelle Billett: 
Just wanted to let y'all know about an opportunity for some teenagers to act in a play (or be in the crew) AND get to go to an awesome conference this Summer. Easy Theatre normally goes to the Texas Nonprofit Theatre's Youth Conference, which takes place June 7th - 12th this year. It travels around to different "host" cities in Texas and this year it's being hosted by Baytown, TX.


The teens will be rehearsing starting in February. We rehearse late afternoon on Mondays. Then later in the Spring, we'll have some performances around Central Texas. This will all culminate at the TNT Youth Conference, where we will perform our play and get to watch over a dozen other youth troupes perform.


Auditions  January 21st, in the evening, at the Baca Center in Round Rock.   Callbacks will be the following week. 


Both of these are by appointment only. Call or e-mail Mrs. Michelle to reserve your place @ (512) 657-9286 or mbillett at austin dot rr dot com

Do not just show up at the site and expect that there will be a time carved out for you. Please call or e-mail to make an appointment! Let me know if you have questions or would like additional information.   

About Dula the Musical:  From Engela Edwards:
Dula is the sincere story of a small southern town immediately after the civil war, and although historically placed in time, there is a modern feel to the writing.  It could easily be the story of a Texas boy coming home after a war.  The truth, as it relates to the individuals in the story, doesn’t matter; because it is an honest story about war.  It is this universality of time and space that drew me to the script. 

Every role is a good one, with lines actors will want to say.  Elliot is able to achieve this with an economy of words, where full back stories turn on a single word.  Dula’s main character is the town.  It is populated with well-rounded people.  In life, every person is the hero of their story, and it is a rare author who can accomplish the same within the time limitation imposed on a stage production. 

Paul Elliot expertly holds the tensions, and packs a lot of emotional variety into this musical.  For almost every trough in which he submerges us, he brings us back with a lightness, a laugh, and a hope that things will get better.  I was attracted to the skill and maturity of his writing and his ability to manipulate emotions, without making us feel manipulate.  He is adept in his use of metaphor without being heavy handed.I loved the script before I heard the music.  Elliot and Cunningham’s lyrics are poetry.  Cunningham's music is powerful, touching, and sweet.  Many beautiful songs, that easily stand on their own, become heartbreaking in the context of the story.  You should see this new American musical.  You can here the music performed by Jeanie Chunningham here.  I couldn't be happier for Jeanie and Paul.
                              Elliott Paul Elliott, the head of the Fierce Backbone Writer's Unit in Hollywood, is a respected novelist, television writer and published playwright. His "Ledge, Ledger and the Legend" was recently honored as one of the 25 most highly produced one act plays in America. His latest comedy, Exit Laughing, a 2013 AACTNewPlayFest winner, just broke all house records for a non-musical at the historic Landers Theater in Springfield, MO and is now scheduled to open in New York. His award-winning drama, "Finding the Burnett Heart," which premiered during the 50th season of the Detroit Repertory Theatre, is now being performed coast to coast, and always garners rave reviews from critics and audience alike.
                              Cunningham Jeanie Cunningham's music has been heard worldwide as part of several high-profile product campaigns. Mitsubishi, Epson, Yamaha, Toshiba, and Chevron are among the many companies that have recruited Jeanie's musical talents. Jeanie's first calling however, is to her own original music as a singer/songwriter/performer. She continues to move forward in her musical pursuits with the new musical, DULA, for which she wrote 23 songs. Her most recent accomplishment has been to create the Steinway Society's "Ukes In Schools" program-devoted to bringing musical instruments and education to underprivileged elementary students in the Coachella Valley of California.

If you're looking for information about the Aloha Theatre Teens on the Big Island of Hawaii, look here.


EASY Theatre's Executive Director, Engela Edwards, has moved to Captain Cook, Hawaii to run a Kona True a Kona coffee farm and ag tourism business.  She has been a gift to our community and will be dearly missed.  But we know that there is no way that she will be able to stay away from teaching and directing for long. 

Engela said, "We love it here, but we miss you all, so come visit us on the Big Island, and Rachel, Bill and I will take you to the best snorkeling and we'll share the best coffee."

But until then if you are missing Engela, you can...

Engela is the advisor for the Aloha Teen Theatre a part of the Aloha Performing Arts Company.  She is a part-time teacher at Ho'okena Elementary school, and still doing what she can from afar for EASY Theatre.

"A new year is like a script with blank pages.  We hope you write your best year yet!"  Engela Edwards

Congratulations to Engela Edwards
Winners of the Texas Nonprofit Theatre's Blooming Briefs: Fruit of the Plume Ten Minute Play Contest!
The winning plays were presented at the Texas Nonprofit Theatre's conference 
at the Texas Civic Theatre Center in Tyler.
Engela Edwards
Engela Edwards 
In Texas It's a Yellow Rose
Elaine Liner
Photo by Mark Oristano
Elaine Liner 
                          Anderson and Dorothy Sanders
Joan Anderson and Dorothy Sanders 
Fort Worth
Horsing Around Cowtown
Carl Williams
Carl Williams 
Crossing the Bridge
About the winners here.

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