Making Love in Public
by john daniels, jr.
Pictures from the Program

The Scene The Players The Location The Line
The Cliftons Claude & Becky Airport "I can’t believe you…"
The Bonds Wallace & Maybeline Bond Almost in the car "So long"
In the Mirror Dr. Jolee Laura Jones On TV "Give it and get it"
The Bell-Parks Danny Parks & Anna Bell Bus "Gotcha"
Preparation Rev. Jones Retreat "I want you to want me"
The Winstons Darby & Joan Winston Car The kiss
The Arrival Rev. Jones and Dr. Jolee Laura Jones Retreat Caught on tape
The Welcome Rev. Jones and Dr. Jolee Laura Jones Group room "I want you to…"
Friday Night Claude Clifton Claude’s room "Ridin’ my pony"
Maybeline Bond Under the stars "Any ol’ way you choose it"
Danny Parks Danny’s room "Not my girlfriend"
Anna Bell Anna’s cabin "I’m a pepper"
Wallace J. Bond Wallace’s room "Stamina to maintain"
Becky Clifton Becky’s room "I need a real person"
Darby & Joan Winston Darby’s room "Groovy Grubworm"
Bugle Call Rev. Jones & all the women Group room "These are the good times"
One on One 1 Rev. Jones & Maybeline Private room "You don’t have to lie down"
One on One 2 Dr. Jolee & Claude Private room "One more"
Almost One on One Rev. Jones On the path "I’ve seen you around"
One on One 3 Jolee &Wallace Private room "I want to be your partner"
Nearly One on One Rev. Jones On the path "I’ve got cookies"
Lunch Becky & Claude Becky’s cabin "Captive audience"
Mis-MATCH 1 Becky Clifton & Wallace Bond Back-to-Back "vibrators"
Letter Danny Parks & Anna Bell On the path "It is hard"
Mis MATCH 2 Danny Parks & Joan Winston Back-to-Back "This is fun"
Special to Me Claude & Becky Clifton Claude’s room "Can tell stories"
Mis-MATCH 3 Claude Clifton & Maybeline Bond Back-to-Back "Silver Wings"
Do Something Rev. Jones and Dr. Jolee Laura Jones Private room "You need…"
Mis-MATCH 4 Darby Winston & Anna Bell Back-to-Back "I get the clown" "Life is supposed to be fun"
Sex Dr. Jolee & Wallace J. Bond Private room "I can’t stop"
Got it Dr. Jolee & Rev. Jones Private room "Listen to the music"
Bathing Wallace & Maybeline Bond Lake "See through dress and barefoot, too"
Behind Closed Doors Claude & Becky Clifton Claude’s room "I’m not through"
Marco Polo Darby & Joan Winston In the night "Polo"
Enjoyed Boldly Danny Parks & Anna Bell On the blue path "Life just over whelms me"
Let's go Fishing Cliftons Claude's room and lake "Fishin' pole"
The Water is Calm Dr. Jolee & Rev. Jones By the Lake "Look for me"
What’s Next Darby & Joan Winston In public "Quack"
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Starring Engela Edwards and john daniels, jr.

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