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The Big Bad Musical
A Howling Courtroom Comedy

By Alec Strum
Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur

Directed by Engela Edwards
Theatre resumes:  Acting  / Technical / Directing / Other

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 23, 24, 30, & 31, 2009 
Bastrop Opera House, Bastrop, Texas
$10 adults; $8 seniors 60+; $7 students (high school and college); $5 children under 14 

EASY Theatre of Austin
    A courtroom has never been more lively and fun than in The Big Bad Musical! 

    A wonderful cast of adult actors presents this smart and wickedly funny musical which is great for audiences of any age.  The audience decides the outcome of the biggest trial ever in the fairy-tale world!  The notorious Big Bad Wolf is being slapped with a class-action lawsuit by storybooks of quirky characters who want to get even: Little Red Riding Hood, her Grandmother, the Three Little Pigs and the Shepherdess in charge of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Sydney Grimm covers the trial for TV.  The Evil Stepmother and the Fairy Godmother are the lawyers.  Mr. Big Bad Wolf makes a good case for himself as he sings with his entourage of lovely Wolfettes.  The musical is filled with Bill Francoeur’s toe-tapping tunes. 

composit cast photos
    Left to Right Standing:
    • Michelle Billett as Red's Grandmother
    • Stephanie Thaine as Little Red Riding Hood & Shepherdess
    • Laura Goff as Wolfette
    • Jon-Michael Williford as the Big Bad Wolf
    • Kathryn Manley as Wolfette
    • Stefanie Marcus as Evil Stepmother (the defense)
    • Lisa Holcomb as the Fairy Godmother (the prosecution). 
    • Tammy McGary as Little Pig 2 and Wolfette
    • Michele Maher as Miss Muffet & the Woodcutter
    • Lisa Picciandra as the Judge
    • Monica Miller as Grimm the Reporter
    • Steve Spicer as Little Pig 3 & the Boy Who Cried Wolf
    • Engela Edwards as Little Pig 1, Wolfette

    “Big Bad” Ensemble (except Wolf) 
    “I Got Nothin’ to Say” Wolf, Wolfettes, Little Red, Boy, Chorus 
    “No More” Fairy Godmother, Chorus 
    “He Huffed and He Puffed” Pig One, Two, Three, Chorus 
    “I Cried Wolf” Boy, Chorus 
    “Have Mercy On Me” Wolf, Wolfettes, Chorus 
    “May All Your Ever-Afters” Grimm, Chorus 
    “No More” (Curtain Call) Ensemble 
    “May All Your Ever-Afters” Ensemble Finale

    Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado 

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Jon-MichaelJon-Michael Williford as the Big Bad Wolf.  Jon-Michael has been a staple of the live theatre scene in Bastrop since he was just a child. Also a writer, he has penned several unproduced and unfinished stage and screenplays and was even once a contributing writer for the Bastrop Advertiser and the Austin-American Statesman. Since 2004 he has been working for Austin Regional Clinic and is active with several non-profit health care organizations, but still finds time to participate in his favorite activity - performing - especially when he gets a chance to do something he's never done before such as having a lead singing part in Big Bad Musical.

Some of the shows in which Jon-Michael has performed in Austin and in Bastrop:  Interchange, Inn Bed, Swinging Christmas, 6-BIT TRIP, OPENINGS, American Rock and Roll Christmas ‘57, Say Uncle, Uncle Silas, Paganini, Swing, Austin.Com...edy2, Let Freedom Sing! a 40s musical review, and Glass Balls.

Stephanie ThaineStephanie Thaine as Little Red Riding Hood & Shepherdess.  Stephanie is an Austin actor with her B.A. in Theatre and Dance from the University of Texas.  Stephanie has appeared in seven films a TV show and a music video.  She played Maryanne and Waitresses the comedy Interchange at the Bastrop Opera House in 2007.  She also starred in the musical American Rock and Roll Christmas ‘57 at the Opera House in 2007.  She is now pairing her wonderful comic timing with her musical and dance abilities in Big Bad Musical, playing both Little Red Riding Hood and The Shepherdess. 
Lisa HolcombLisa Holcomb as the Fairy Godmother (the prosecution).  Lisa, from Smithville, made her debut at the Bastrop Opera House in 2006 in Dancin' Cafe where she also sang her first solo in front of a live audience.  She has since played "the City Bitty" in Holiday Musical, performed in Vaudeville Tonight!, and in Interchange where she played both Ginger and the very nervous and rather unhinged Nelda.  Her recent performances have been as Heidi with three of her six children in The Princess and the Porcupine and in “Talking With…” as “Twirler”. *
StefanieStefanie Marcus as Evil Stepmother (the defense).  Stefanie and her family recently relocated to Bastrop from Houston.  She and her husband of 15 years have two children together.  She is also a nurse and works nights taking care of a pediatric patient. For years Stefanie has been a fan of theatre and has dreamed of being in a production herself.  Now that she has found Easy Theatre she feels that the frustrated actress inside her can finally come out.  This will be her first starring role. 
Steve SpicerSteve Spicer as Little Pig 3 & the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Steve is from Smithville. Steve is no stranger to the stage.  He started at age 14 in high school where he and his best friend (a professional comic) entered the school talent show.  He followed that with two plays; a member of the chorus in Guys & Dolls and a starring role in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.  After college, Steve transitioned from acting to stand-up comedy.  Performing in New Mexico, El Paso, Arizona, and internationally, that is where Steve honed his sharp wit and quick responses which have transferred to his current passion, sales.  Steve continues on the stage now where he is a sought-after motivational speaker and sales trainer in Central Texas.  This will be his first perfomance with EASY Theatre.
Michele MaherMichele Maher as Miss Muffet & the Woodcutter.  Michele recently relocated from Louisiana to Smithville with her family. She and her husband Chris have been married 14 years and have two children. Michele is an independent rep for Premier Designs Jewelry. 
She has a BA in Fine Arts with a minor in theater. She has also performed in Romeo and Juliet. This will be Michele's first production with EASY Theatre.
Laura GoffLaura Goff as Wolfette: Laura is a resident of Smithville, Tx.  She has had a passion for singing and dancing since her parents enrolled her in the Mickey Mouse Club in New York at the age of 5.  She credits her voice coach for inspiring her to move into the theatre.  This will be her first musical performance with EASY Theatre.
Lisa PiciandraLisa Picciandra as the Judge.  Lisa, a Bastrop resident, has been in both plays and musicals at the Bastrop Opera House, including Dancin' Cafe where where she sang and showed off her comic timing.  She was the Grandmother in The Atomic Adventures of Nickolai Nikolaevich.  She played a "City Bitty" in Holiday Musical and sang solos and duets in Vaudeville Tonight!  In Interchange Lisa played the luscious femme fatal Maggie May. 
Kati ManleyKathryn Manley graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Education and a minor in Anthropology.  She lives in Austin and teaches Theatre Arts and Bastrop Middle School.  Recently, she directed Alice in Wonderland at BMS and toured the show to Mina and Emile Elementary schools.  Other  productions she has directed recently include Zombie Prom, Steel Magnolias, Loyalty,  Confessions, and David's Mother.
Tammy McGaryTammy McGary as Little Pig 2 and Wolfette.  Tammy resides in Bastrop.  Her love for makeup actually drew her to the theater.  She has tons of volunteer and backstage experience.  Most recently Tammy danced and sang as a Zombie in Dr. Frankenstreudel's Lemon Fresh Laboratory of Horrors and performed in the musical American Rock and Roll Christmas ‘57  both at the Bastrop Opera House. 
Monica MillerMonica Miller as Grimm the Reporter.  Monica from Bastrop recently played Olga in The Princess and the Porcupine at the Bastrop Opera House.  She is a professional harpist.  She's been a musician for many years.  And resides in Bastrop with her husband and two children.  She is a CASA volunteer.
Michelle BillettMichelle Billett as Red's Grandmother.  Michelle is from Austin.  She is currently rehearsing for Peter Pan which will play at the Doughtery Arts Center in February.  Her most recent roles have been in Circus Fillet, Tortoise vs. Hare, and Wizard of Oz.  Michelle got a taste for acting at an early age, playing one of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters in an elementary school play. In the past few years, she has returned to one of her great loves - performing on stage. One of her biggest thrills so far has been playing a clown/leader AND getting to belly dance behind a screen in Circus Fillet
Shea VoellmannShea Voellmann as Miss Muffet: Shae was born in Florida, and moved to Texas when she was 5 years old. At the age of 6 she expressed her first interest in acting and took her first class. Over the years she has taken many classes that varied from full productions to practicing a particular skill. She enjoys musicals the most because of the songs and the choreography. Doing theater is her first love, but when not doing that, she spends her free time on photography and various collections.
Cheri VoellmannCheri Voellmann as Wolfette.  Cheri is originally from Indiana and remembers being awed by a community theater group that would come to her elementary school. To date, her only theater experience involved helping with costuming and the making of props and as an audience member. She is a wife and mom, is a SATS certified dog trainer that she uses to help rescue dogs, and creates art dolls and miniatures under the name Polkadot Toadstool. This is her first time on stage, and the experience has brought about a new respect for the hard work and dedication that goes into a theater production.
Will HolcombWill Holcome as Woodcutter.  Will Holcomb has made participating in the Bastrop Opera House plays a family affair.  He played the Mayor in Holiday Musical with his wife Lisa and sons Keaton and Landon.  He was in Dancin' Cafe with them also.  He was in Say Uncle, Uncle Silas with Keaton.  In Big Bad he's playing with his wife Lisa. 
Engela EdwardsEngela Edwards as Little Pig 1, Wolfette, and director.  Engela, originally from Dallas, is active in theater in Austin and Bastrop.  Her theatre resumes are here: Acting  / Technical / Directing / Other.  Engela says she chose this musical, "Because the music makes me smile, and the finale expresses exactly what I want for the both the actors and the audience.  'May all your ever afters be filled with joy and laughter.'"

This is a cooperative project of Bastrop Community Ed and director Engela Edwards

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pigs by L. Leslie Brookepigs by L. Leslie Brookepigs by L. Leslie Brooke
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