Engela as Sam in The Red Princess Goes West
Doing theatre I love, 
With people I love, 
For people I love.

Engela Edwards

Engela as Maggie in The Red Princess Goes West
EASY Theatre
Other skills:
    8 years of Marching Band:
    Including 3 years as the Feature Baton Twirler
    1 year University of Texas at Arlington Flag Corps
    2 years University of North Texas Flag Corps
    Instruments played:
  • Flute
  • Piccolo
  • Coached:
    • Youth Soccer: United States Soccer Federation "F" and "G" coaching licenses
    • Little League Manager


    • Computers: Favorite programs Corel PhotoImpact for graphic design; Finale Music for creating music; vanBasco's Karaoke Player for parties; and MS Word for writing.
    • Photography:  Both digital SLR and underwater. 
    • Snorkeling: Favorite spots Grand Cayman swimming with the stingrays, and Hawaii at Two Step swimming with the dolphin, octopus, sharks, turtles and humpback whales.


    EASY Theatre (active)

    johndanielsjr.com (archival)
    Earth & Sky Acting Co.(archival)
    Prior webmaster and wrote the monthly newsletter for the Bastrop Opera House for over 10 years.

Engela EdwardsEASY Theatre
Engela June 8, 1999  42kThe Other Artist:

I was a professional award-winning tablet weaver and ceramic artist in Dallas.

I have taught, exhibited, and demonstrated tablet weaving at: 

Libraries, schools, colleges, art exhibitions, art shows, art festivals, art galleries, history festivals, and the Texas State Fair.

I won first place as a professional weaver at the Texas State Fair.

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