Swing Thing

Choreography and directed by Engela Edwards
Scenes written by john daniels, jr.

Bastrop Opera House:  Elena, Daryl, and RachelSwing Thing is high-energy comedy, singing, and swing dancing. 
The performers range in age from five to forty-three.
Played April 6 - July 26, 2001 (11 performances)
  • Bastrop Opera House, Bastrop, Texas
  • Hyde Park Theatre, Austin, Texas
  • Yesterfest, Bastrop, Texas
  • Old Settlers' Music Festival, Dripping Springs, Texas
  • Rosedale School, Austin, Texas
  • AAH Project Faire, Austin, Texas
  • Cowen Elementary School, Austin, Texas
  • Brentwood Elementary School, Austin, Texas
Yesterfest 2001 Eric and Traci
Old Settler's Music Festival 2001 (Emma, Zach, Eric, Traci, Matthew)`
Yesterfest  Traci and john
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Elena Foster
Eric Edwards
Rachel Edwards
Zach Pettichord

Christopher Lee
Daryl Despault
Daniel Hall
Emma Salatan
Engela Edwards
Jenny Glowka
Jessie Hench
Joan Loomis-Noris
Leslie Shkolnik
Matthew Torrez
Sarah Gomillion
Traci Lohbeck
john daniels, jr.

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