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EASY Theatre is a 
Touring Company 
based in Austin, Texas
specializing in 

New Works 
Quality Theatre Education

EASY Ways to Support our Efforts
  • Buy tickets!
  • Take someone you love to see our shows!
  • Tell someone about our shows!
  • Purchase a whole evening or a few tickets to one of our shows and give the evening or the tickets to your favorite charity to use as their fundraiser.  By doing this your gift becomes seed money, which can multiply, and you can help two worthy organizations instead of one. In this manner you allow us to perform and to help others at the same time, two things we love to do.
  • Pay to bring one of our plays to your child's school or to a school who couldn't otherwise afford to bring in a professional company. 
  • Pay the royalties to bring one of our youth productions to a school.
  • Have us perform at your corporate retreat. 
  • Give tickets to our shows to your employees and friends as rewards or gifts.
  • Have us teach a team-building workshop at your office. 
  • If we are coming to your city offer to host one or all of our technicians or actors for a meal or a night while we are there. This allows us to be able to afford to go more places. 
  • Tell us about reasonably priced venues in your area where we could perform or hold workshops. 
  • Volunteer to usher, house manage, put up posters, be a technician...or do for us whatever it is you do best.
Be creative:  Here is an example of what one patron did. 
Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas sold tickets to their congregation for a Sunday Matinee performance of Making Love in Public.  They brought a group to see the play after their service, and they kept half the ticket money to use in their Habitat for Humanity Program. 

This is an example of a "Win, Win, Win" situations.  Three groups profited from our combined efforts, and we all had fun in the process. 

Who said fundraising had to be a chore? 

Tell us about your ideas.  We are very approachable, because EASY Theatre is doing theatre we love, with people we love, for people we love

EASY Theatre of Austin
EASY Theatre of AustinEASY Theatre of Austin
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EASY Theatre of Austin
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