Starring the Amazing Rachel
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The Red Princess Goes West a new comedy by john daniels, jr.
a wonderful comedy 
by john daniels, jr.

Rachel, Engela Edwards & john daniels, jr.

The Red Princess Goes West, 
is physical comedy and word play
in a new play by john daniels, jr. 
about the Mild Wild West. 
Laughter for the whole family. 
Inspired by an O. Henry story.

Playwright, cast, and crew available
after the show to answer questions.

EASY Theatre
The Red Princess Goes West, is physical comedy and word play in a new play by john daniels, jr. about the Mild Wild West. Laughter for the whole family.  Inspired by an O. Henry story. 
Rachel as the Red Princess


Rachel is completely at home on the stage.  She is only 9 years old and already an award-winning actor and veteran of 11 plays and musicals.  She has performed for thousands of people.

johnjohn daniels, jr.

Actor, writer, director, john daniels, jr. is a seasoned actor of over 104 productions, with over 1600 live performances including the title role in Hamlet, Mercucio in Romeo and Juliet, and Eddie in The Rocky Horror Show. 

As of July 2004, 21 of his original plays and musicals have been produced.   In the next season EASY Theatre will première three of his new plays and one of his new musicals.

john has directed 38 productions.  He has directed for eight companies and four schools.  He is the Artist and Playwright in Residence for EASY Theatre.  He holds a BA in theatre from Texas A&M, Kingsville. 

Currently he is on tour starring in his comedy Making Love in Public

EngelaEngela Edwards

Engela is the Artistic Director of EASY Theatre.  She is an actor, director, choreographer, producer, writer, and acting teacher. In the last four years, Engela has been in 13 shows, co-written three plays, choreographed 12 productions, and directed five plays. Engela holds a BFA in theatre from The University of Texas at Arlington. 

Currently she is on tour starring in Making Love in Public.

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I saw it and  recommend it.  The acting is great and the show is funny.  Jann

I have to say that I took four very tired children to the Red Princess last week-end.  We had been out and busy the whole day and were near crashing when we went to the show.  For the next hour I had the pleasure of listening to them all belly laugh and ooh and ahh.  It was really a great play and a whole lot of fun for all of us.  We left happy and energized and not one of the kids complained during or after the performance.  They had a great time.   We have spent the last couple of days repeating jokes we heard during the performance and my oldest (11) saying bits of the play and trying to prompt my youngest (4) to continue on cue.  Also, Rachel performed, in the most endearing way, and "pleeaaasse" will at our house from now on, be said "her" way!!! (Go check out  the show and you'll know what I mean!)

Wendy R.

Five thumbs up for Easy Theatre's The Red Princess Goes West!

The princess uses her knowledge and resourcefulness to overcome her mild-mannered kidnappers. Action, intrigue, fun, song, dance, and even romance!
Entertainment for the whole family!

---The Orf clan

Great Play

Kudos to the Easy Theater Company!!!! My family really enjoyed the Red Princess Goes West this past Friday evening. We highly recommend it!!!!!!

Thanks Engela, Rachel, and John for an entertaining evening!

Lori B.

We had a great time.  Jennifer T.

Your entire audience enjoyed the show! Dave V.

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