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Book by Tim Kelly; Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur 
Directed by Engela Edwards 

March 7, 8, 9, 2012

Bastrop Opera House, Bastrop, Texas
Various schools in Austin, Texas
A dazzling musical based on the L. Frank Baum classic story 
This musical is filled with fun and fantasy with a great cast of characters.
60 minute cutting
Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado 

The Terrific Cast:

Danielle Huber as Dorothy
Alana Adams as the Scarecrow
Simon Smith as the Tin Man
Whitney Weathersby as the Lion 
Jon-Michael Williford at Oz
Lisa Holcomb as the Wicked Witch of the West
Layton Shaw as Glinda

  Aidan Shaw
  Wilhelmina Gunter
  Isabella Gunter
  Hope Erlandson
  Anthony Erlandson
  Truman Smith
  Nathan Smith
  Abbie Brown
  Alexandria Shaw
  Hannah Wells

  Jon-Michael Williford
  Hannah Wells
  Nathan Smith
  Alexandria Shaw
  Abbie Brown

Emerald Citizens: 
  Jennifer Gunter 
  Hannah Wells 
  Nathan Smith
  Alexandria Shaw
  Abbie Brown

  Joe Holcomb
  Dominic Holcomb
  Truman Smith
  Hannah Wells
  Nathan Smith
  Alexandria Shaw
  Abbie Brown

The Terrific Backstage Crew:
  Patti Brown
  Jennifer Gunter
  Ali Shaw
  Christi Leisure
  Christine Huber

Sound Operator, Cutting, Monkey Costumes, Publicity: Engela Edwards


“Sing Sing Everybody” Choreography Engela Edwards
“I Ain’t Got a Brain in My Head” Crow dance choreography Engela Edwards
“Follow the Road” Choreography Engela Edwards
“That’s Wonderful” The Singers
“A Little Bit of Courage” Choreography The Singers
“I Got the Power” The singers
“The Castle of No Return” Lisa Holcomb front line, Engela Edwards back line.
“The Ol’ Soft Paw” Choreography The Singers with Engela Edwards 
“Sing Sing Everybody” Choreography Engela Edwards

Many thanks to: 
...Chester Eitze and the Bastrop Opera House for providing a rehearsal space, stage, touring speakers, some props & costumes, and for helping on the tour. 
...The Worleys and Hubers for graciously sharing their home with the director. 
...Christine and Danielle Huber for picking the director up at the airport.
...Christine and Danielle Huber for finding and building show props and costume pieces for others in the cast.
...Lisa Holcomb, Jon-Michael Williford, and Alana Adams for reprising their roles.
...The cast and their families for many hours of rehearsal, long drives, and making this show come together. 
...Lisa Holcomb for making maps for the cast.
...Will Holcombe for picking up stage makeup in Austin.
...Chester Eitze, AJ Faux, and Lisa Holcomb for loaning costume pieces.
...Our "old" acting friends Jon-Michael, Joe, Dominic, Nathan, Alexandria, Abbie, Danielle, Alana, Simon, Lisa, Layton.
...Our "new" acting friends Whitney, Truman, Hannah, Aidan, Jennifer, Wilhelmina, Isabella, Anthony, Hope. 
...Jon-Michael, Jennifer Gunter, Whitney Weathersby for standing in during rehearsals.
...The Brown and Shaw Families for transporting actors.
...Cindy Thompson for painting the set.
...Danielle Huber who rehearsed longer than anyone. 
...Rachel and Bill Edwards for loving, supporting, and sharing the director.
...Eric Edwarfds, Chrystina Edwards, and Christina Huber for delicious home-cooked meals for the director. 
...All who were mistakenly left off this list for understanding.
...All who have made it possible for hundreds of school children to enjoy the gift of live theatre.

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