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The 100th Production for EASY Theatre

The Nine Worst Breakups of All Times

by Ian McWethy
Directed by Ariana and Michelle Billett

Friday, June 12, 2015
1:30 p.m.
Jerry Fay Wilhelm Center for the Performing Arts
Address: 1401 Cedar St, Bastrop, TX 78602

The play was chosen by the cast.  This was the first time Ariana and Michelle Billett have directed for EASY Theatre.  Both have been in many of our productions and are long time EASY Theatre members; in fact they were in the audience at the first EASY Theatre show over 15 years ago. 

You think your breakup was bad?  We're here to take you on a tour of the nine worst breakups of all time, from the Cro-Magnon era to the Civil War, to a smattering of modern-day breakups. A comedy that proves that no matter how hard someone has stomped on your heart...it could always be worse.  The cast includes some past EASY Youth Company members and new actors who have worked with Michelle before. 

Keith:  Rhys Largent
Becca/Waitress/Maddie/Alarmist Girl/Gina: Micah McKee
Evan: Corrigun Billett
Tina/Rah/Shelly/Julie/Carlie: Tamara Billett
Teddy/Manager/Ug/Elijah/Chesterfield: Nathan Smith
Betty/Jessica/Mandy: Avery McGinn
Calvin/Tony/Louis/Tyler: Anthony Trefny

The Nine
                    Worst Breakups of All Times CAST 2016

Produced by special arrangements with Playscripts, Inc. www.playscripts.com

EASY Theatre Seniors 2014 at TNT.  Rachel Edwards, Ariana Billett, and Thomas Scruggs.
Ariana is co-directing EASY Theatre 2015 TNT production. 

18 Youth Companies from around the state performed at the 20th Annual Youth Conference. 

All Star Cast recipients were Nathan Smith and Micah McKee


Teacherís Pet award went to Micah McKee


The Spirit Award went to Cory Billett

TNT Youth Conference for 2016 will be in Baytown, Texas

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