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May 21 & 22, 2006

Four Funny Original Plays for and by Youth 

For the enjoyment of Bastrop families, four new plays première at the Bastrop Opera House this weekend.  Thirty of the children who participated in classes at the Opera House created and star in four delightful productions.  Under the guidance and constant laughter of directors, Engela Edwards and john daniels, jr., the children let their imaginations take them where they will. 

Some of the Mother Goose castThe first play starts at 1 p.m. It is “Mother Goose and More.”  It stars a very talented group of 4 to 6 year old children.  The audience will sing along with their favorite characters and laugh at the antics of the three little pigs robustly played by Zoe Picciandra, Kylen Welch-Porter, and Emmy Emmons.  Danielle Huber stars as the cutest wolf with an attitude much bigger than her tiny 4-year-old frame should allow.  The scene is investigated by curious townspeople played by Jared and Lauren Ballejos and Georgia Picciandra.  Erika Aviles as Mother Pig saves the day.  Kobe Welch-Porter starts the audience participation portion by leading the crowd through a bold “Bah, Bah, Black Sheep.”  Engela Edwards stars as Mother Goose.

There are breaks for snacks and autographs between the shows. 

Vacation Twist cast“Vacation Twist,” is at 2 p.m. and has a cast of creative 8 to 10 year olds.  In this road comedy Sarah Vout and Rachel Edwards explore a deserted island in the Caribbean.  Maverick Bellcase rescues the delightful dolphin MaKayla Goertz and saves castaway Erica Gonzales.  Laughter is abundant all the way to the sunny beaches of the Alaskan tundra.  These vacationers party with a twist.  “The show is an adventure guaranteed to make audiences smile and plan a “local” vacation this year,” said the plays director and author john daniels, jr.

Pizza Fraud and The Cake from Outerspace castsA “Pizza Fraud” is committed at 3 p.m.  Logan Nicks stars as the pizza villain, The Logan Master.  His dastardly plot to win the pizza eating competition tests the endurance of the hilariously naïve competitor Jacob Block and the adorable pizza-eating champion Landon Holcomb.  Everything is humorously caught on camera by master of ceremonies Aimee Dixon and glamorous on-air personality Andrea Geuea.  Nurse Catina Lowe stands by for the comic calamity that is sure to ensue.  Written by john daniels, jr. 

For desert there is  “The Cake From Outer Space.”  Intrepid interpreter Rachel Edwards translates for the amusing alien Queen Andrea Geuea.  The fate of the world (or maybe even the universe) depends on the on the gallantly game but baffled baker, Keaton Holcomb.  The cast of homeschoolers ranges in age from 7 to 12.  Written by Engela Edwards.


Completing the marathon of mirth is "Duck Doughnuts presents: Dr. Bobo at the Taj Mahal with Comic Bear and Bob" at 4 p.m.  The plays director and author john daniels, jr. says the absurd show is “…part Alfred Hitchcock, part Twilight Zone, fifty-percent Gilbert and Sullivan, and seventy-five percent product placement.  This campish romp done by teenagers is indescribable at best.  Will the artist known as Prince (played by CK Cone) save the day?  Will the Evil Aspare’ Gus (Katie Geuea) convince Dr. Bobo (Carolyn Cone) to imprison Mash Potato (Sarah Wall) and withhold Marty the Bear’s (Matthew Torrez) humor from the national security arsenal?  Can Cindy Lu What (Mercedes Bellcase) cure Bob Dole (Laura Wall) of his hatred of the color purple?  Should co-dependent explorers (Kristin and Sheradin King) sing of hidden pyramid and the donut priestess?” 

Saturday and Sunday, May 20 & 21, 2006

Bastrop Opera House 
711 Spring Street 
Bastrop, Texas 

"Mother Goose" 
by john daniels, jr. and Engela Edwards

"Vacation Twist"
by john daniels, jr.

"The Cake from Outer Space"
by Engela Edwards

"Pizza Fraud"
by john daniels, jr.


Duck Doughnuts presents: 
"Dr. Bobo at the Taj Mahal with Comic Bear & Bob" 
by john daniels, jr.

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