Inn Bed by john daniels, jr.

The Cast

A riotous new comedy 
by john daniels, jr.
and Engela Edwards

Bastrop Opera House
Bastrop, Texas
June 2, 2002

TNT Youth Conference 
Rudder Theatre
College Station, Texas
June 8, 2002

Inn Bed is a lively comedy about a couple's attempt to escape from the city by converting and old farm house into a bed and breakfast.  The show is complete with animals, kids, and magic.  Fun for everyone. 

This is a 40-minute cutting of Inn Bed by Engela Edwards and john daniels, jr.

Texas Nonprofit Theatres Youth Conference
some of the kids Pic by Linda Lee
Backstage at A&M
Hazel, Salem, Betsy, Meredith

Pearl, Becca, Eric
After the Show
pic by Linda Lee

Awards Ceremony
Mickey and Rachel
All Star Cast
Mikey and Rachel

Spirit of the Conference Award

Inn Bed (Kids)


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