Schubert's Last Serenade

    by Julie Bovasso
    directed by john daniels, jr.
    Spring 2001

    • Texas Nonprofit Theatres' Youth Conference, College Station, Texas
    • Bastrop Opera House, Bastrop, Texas
    • Hyde Park Theatre, Austin, Texas
    • Brentwood Elementary School, Austin, Texas
    • Cowen Elementary School, Austin, Texas
    • McBeth Recreation Center, Austin, Texas

    Schubert's Last Serenade is a comedy about individualism and making your own choices. The main characters, Alfred and Bebe are placed in a pretentious French restaurant and must overcome the demands of stereotyping to be who they really are, two young people in love.  The show includes a mod-rocker, Franz Schubert, an indifferent waiter, an impatient cook, and a megalomaniac Matre'D played by fourteen to sixteen- year-old actors from EASY Theatre's Touring Teen Troupe.

    Schubert's Last Serenade was produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. 


    Daryl Despault as Schubert
    Traci Lobeck as the Waiter
    Elena Foster as Bebe
    Eric Edwards as Alfred
    Zach Pettichord as the Matre'D
    Sarah Gomillion as the Cook

    Dr. James R. Miller the Chairman of the Department of Theatre and Dance at Sam Houston State University, who was the Commentator for TNT's Youth Conference where 13 of the best youth companys from Texas perfomed; commented on the incredible maturity of the acting, the complexity of the script, the attention to detail, and how well our cast stayed true to the style of the play from beginning to end.  He said the play was a delightful way to conclude three days of shows.

photo by Linda Lee of TNT
Back: Zach Pettichord, Traci Lobeck, Sarah Gomillion
Front:Eric Edwards, Elena Foster, Daryl Despault
At the Bastrop Opera House, Daryl, Eric, & Zach
Daryl, Eric, Zach
EASY Theatre
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