The Princess and the Porcupine
by Ed Monk
Directed by Engela Edwards
May 24 and 25, 2008
Princess Perfect -- the most beautifulest princess in the whole wide world -- must be married, as her subjects are fed up with her expensive tastes. To win her hand, a courageous knight must defeat the dreaded Two-Headed Monster of Bad Stuff, and steal the Ruby it is protecting. Three valiant souls quickly put their lives on the line: Sir Jun the Brave, Sir Prize the Wise ... and Bob the Porcupine. Does a blue-collar porcupine have a sliver of a chance against such a deadly monster? And what will happen to the Princess if he does?

A fairy tale for youth, but with enough humor to please all.
Produced by special arrangements with Playscripts, Inc.
65 minutes

Cast list:

The Towns People:
Little Olga:  Lauran Bellejos
Heidi:  Lisa Holcomb
Olga:  Monica Miller
Little Boy:  Dominic Holcomb
Girl:  Allison Hewett
The Court:
King Schmoe:  Logan Nicks
Queen Foriday:  Rachel Edwards
Prime Minister:  Andrea Geuea
Harold the Harald:  Jacob Block
Princess Perfect:  McKenzie Miller
The Suitors:
Sir Jun the Brave:  Landon Holcomb
Sir Prise the Wise:  Jared Bellejos
Bob the Porcupine:  Jonathan Gamm
The Two Headed Monster of Bad Stuff:
Margo:  Sarah Bullock
Albert:  Keaton Holcomb

Following Princess and the Porcupine
the 2008 Spring Youth Theater Games Team
will present improv and skits.

Team: Ethan Porter (7),  Collin Porter (5), Allison Hewett (8), Rachel Edwards (12), Jacob Block (13), McKenzie Miller (9), Landon Holcomb (11), Keaton Holcomb (14), Dominic Holcomb (5), Lauran Bellejos (5), Jared Bellejos (8), Jonathan Gamm (10)

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