EASY Theatre                  OZ! 
Children's Theatre Month:  January 2010
Plays for children and adults
A dazzling musical based on the 
L. Frank Baum classic story 
Book by Tim Kelly
Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur
Directed by Engela Edwards 
Fri. & Sat. Jan. 22, 23, 29, 30 at 7:30 p.m. 
& Sun. Jan. 31 at 2 p.m. 
Bastrop Opera House, 711 Spring Street, Bastrop, Texas

This musical is two acts of fun and fantasy with a great cast.  All adult cast in the primary roles, (with 27 children as Munchkins and Poppies) and including an adorable live Toto dog. 
Rated G. 90 minutes plus intermission. 

$10 Adults; $8 Seniors (60+); $7 Students, Veterans, Active Military; $5 Children 14 and under
Also VIP Reserved Seating available on line for $12.50

OZ! Cast photo by Engela Edwards
Photo:  Back L to R:    Majestic One, Alicia Gust, Lisa Holcomb, Michele Maher, Jon-Michael Williford, Monica Miller; Middle:  Lisa Picciandra, Cindy Thompson, Jennifer Sitton, Tammy McGary; Front:  Athene Fuex, Toto, Alana Adams.  Not pictured are Susan Keys on sound, Randy Combs on lights, Rachel Edwards the Dog Wrangler.  Photo by Engela Edwards. 

OZ! Cast photo by Engela Edwards
Munchkin Rappers:  Jared Ballejos, Danielle Huber,  McKenzie Miller, Lauren Ballejos, Lee Webb, Maggie Short 

OZ! Cast photo by Engela Edwards
Munchkin Citizens:  Ian Daughety, Cameron Maher, Zoe Picciandra, Lily Ellzey 
Not pictured:  Taylor Long, Paige Long, Grayce Richardson 

OZ! Poppies photo by Engela Edwards
Kelsey Hughes, Jayden Hughes, Madeline Gaylor, Elliott Johns 

Oz Munckins photo by Engela Edwards
Munchkins Singers & Dancers: 
Front:  Kelsey Hughes, Taylor Hulsey 
Middle: Lana Collins, Joeseph Balderas, Mackenzie Gust, Zane Phillips, 
Back:  Nicole McGary, Melina Balderas, Mariah Moore, Emily Lowden 

OZ! pics from a rehearsal.

OZ! opened with two sold out houses.  And this coming weekend looks like it will sell out also.  The cast members have other obligations, so there won't be a hold over.  So if you intend to purchase tickets, do so today so you don't miss this fun show.

From program.
Cast in Order of Appearance
Tornado: Alicia Gust
Cyclone: Majestic One
Aunt Em: Tammy McGary
Dorothy: Jennifer Sitton
Toto:  Toto
Munchkin Citizens:  Zoe Picciandra, Taylor Long, Paige Long, Lily Ellzey, Ian Daughety, Grayce Richardson,  Cameron Maher
Munchkin Rappers:  Maggie Short, Danielle Huber, McKenzie Miller, Lauren Ballejos, Jared Ballejos, Lee Webb
Munchkins Singers & Dancers:  Lana Collins, Mackenzie Gust, Kelsey Hughes, Taylor Hulsey, Emily Lowden, Nicole McGary, Mariah Moore, Zane Phillips, Zoe Deckard, Joeseph Balderas, Melina Balderas
Glenda the Good: Michele Maher
Wicked Witch of the West: Lisa Holcomb
Scarecrow: Alana Adams
Crows:  Lisa Picciandra, Jon-Michael Williford, Cindy Thompson, Alica Gust, Majestic One, Tammy McGary
Tin Man: Monica Miller
Cowardly Lion: Athene Fuex
Guard One: Jon-Michael Williford
Guard Two: Cindy Thompson
Oz Citizens:  Lisa Picciandra, Alica Gust, Cindy Thompson, Majestic One, Tammy McGary
Oz: Jon-Michael Williford
Poppy King: Elliott Johns
Poppy Queen: Jayden Hughes
Poppy Princesses: Madeline Gaylor, Kelsey Hughes 
Poppy Chorus: Danielle Huber, Lauren Ballejos, Jared Ballejos
Ruler of the Monkeys: Lisa Picciandra
Monkey Two:  Michele Maher
More Monkeys:  Alica Gust, Majestic One, Tammy McGary

Director:  Engela Edwards
Sound:  Susan Keys
Lights: Randy Combs
Dog Wrangler: Rachel Edwards
Prop Master: Cindy Thompson
Backstage:  Danne Absher
Munchkin Rangler: Chris Huber, Kathleen Ballejos
Design and Construction:  Dorothy's House, Emerald City and Castle backdrop:  Richard and Cindy Thompson
Sets:  Richard and Cindy Thompson, Michelle Maher, Lisa Holcomb, Will Holcomb, Jennifer Sitton, Susan Keys, John Ridey, Richie Alea, Rachel Edwards, Chester Eitze, David Moore, Bill & Engela Edwards
Lights:  Engela Edwards, Richie Alea, Lisa Holcomb, Danne Absher, Randy Combs
Rehearsal Assistants: Jon-Michael Williford, Cindy Thompson, Lisa Holcomb, Susan Keys
  Tornado, Cyclone, Monkey Wings:  Alica Gust
  Dorothy:  Cindy Thompson
  Oz & Guard Tailoring: Janet Williford
  Guards, Oz, Monkey Hats, Crow Wings & Masks:  Engela Edwards
  Crow wings:  Christine Huber
  Munchkin:  Cast and their parents
  Other costumes: The cast.
House Manager:  Mark Ballejos
Ticket Coordinator: Lisa Holcomb
Special Events: Michele Maher 
Programs, Posters, Photos: Engela Edwards 
House Crew:  Will Holcomb, Karen Holland, Richie Alea, Kathleen Ballejos, Kody & Terry Dyer, and more 
Parade Crew:  Richard and Cindy Thompson, Mark & Monica Miller, Alica Gust 
Songs in Order with Choreographers: 
“The Cyclone” Alicia Gust
“Sing Sing Everybody” Engela Edwards
“I Ain’t Got a Brain in My Head” Scarecrow-Alana Adams; Crows-Majestic One
“Follow the Road” Engela Edwards
“That’s Wonderful” Monica Miller with Sitton, Fuex, & Adams
“A Little Bit of Courage” Athene Fuex with Miller, Sitton & Adams
“Lullaby” Engela Edwards
“I Got the Power” Jon-Michael Williford
“There’s a Light in the Distance” 
“The Castle of No Return” Lisa Holcomb
“The Ol’ Soft Paw” Jennifer Sitton & Athene Fuex
“Sing Sing Everybody” reprise Engela Edwards
“I’m Going Home” 
“Follow the Road” reprise Engela Edwards

A cooperative prodject of Bastrop Community Ed., EASY Theatre, and the Bastrop Opera House
Produced by special arrangements with Pioneer Drama Inc., Englewood, Colorado

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