EASY Theatre                  OZ!
Oct. 2013
Plays for children and adults
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Oz! A dazzling musical based on the L. Frank Baum classic story.
Book by Tim Kelly
Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur 
Directed by Engela Edwards
Fridays and Saturdays Oct. 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 2013 at 7:30 pm
Sunday Matinees Oct. 13 & 20 at 2:30 p.m.
Bastrop Opera House, 711 Spring Street, Bastrop, Tx

The timeless “Wizard of Oz” story has been adapted into a dazzling musical filled with Baum's lovable characters.  The story of adventure and friendship is performed with humor, wonderful voices, and joyous dance, by a cast of 34 talented actors (ages 4 to 61) and one adorable dog.  When a cyclone carries Dorothy and her beloved dog Toto to the magical Land of Oz, she meets adorable Munchkins and the beautiful Glinda the Good.  Dorothy and Toto begin a journey to the Emerald City to ask the Wizard of Oz to send her back home.  Wearing the ruby slipper and following the yellow brick road, Dorothy meets the Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman, and Cowardly Lion who join her on her adventure. They fall asleep in a field of dancing and singing poppies, get lost in a dark forest, and meet the magical Wizard of Oz and the Citizens of the Emerald City.  Oz asks her to destroy the Wicked Witch of the West.  On their journey they are captured by the Winged Monkeys, and are taken to the Witch's Castle.  This bright musical is filled with wonderful songs by Bill Francoeur. 

Two-act 90-minute family musical with a 15-minute intermission.
Dorothy:  Danielle Huber
Scarecrow:  Rachel Edwards
Tin Man:  Danne Absher
Cowardly Lion: Alicia Gust
Glinda the Good:  Emily Chappelear
Wicked Witch of the West: Lisa Holcomb
Oz:  Bren Betico
Aunt Em:  Joycelyn Schedler
Aunt Em:  Michelle Billett (opening weekend)
Guardians of Oz: Zoe Picciandra & Alexandra Hargett 
Toto:  Toto

Tornado Dancers:  Ariana Billett, Isabella Wysong, Tamara Billett, Zoe Picciandra
Crows:  Alexandra Hargett, Debbie Smith, Demetrio Vara, Joycelyn Schedler, Kimberly Dillon, Zoe Picciandra 
Munchkins:  Abigail Dillon-Kissinger, Beki James, Evangeline Wysong, Inaria Carter, James Duncan, Lana Collins, Lana Crum, Lena Hoffman, Mackenzie Gust, Nicholas Gust, Nova Mu, Sydney Crum 
Small Poppies: Beki James, Inaria Carter, Lana Collins, Mackenzie Gust, Evangeline Wysong, Isabella Wysong, 
Tall Poppies: Alexandra Hargett, Tamara Billett, Zoe Picciandra
Fighting Trees: Christine Huber
Emerald Citizens: Ariana Billett, Tamara Billett, Michelle Billett, Debbie Smith, Emily Chappelear, Kimberly Dillon, Demetrio Vara, Janet Hargett, Joycelyn Schedler
Monkey Sidekicks: Dominic Holcomb, Joe Holcomb, 
Winged Monkeys: Abigail Dillion-Kissinger, Ariana Billett, Demetrio Vara, Emily Chappelear, Evangeline Wysong, Isabella Wysong, Mackenzie Gust, Michelle Billett, Tamara Billett, Zoe Picciandra
Monkey Soloist: Emily Chappelear
Toto Wrangler: Abigail Dillon-Kissinger, Joycelyn Schedler 

Poppy and Forest Design and Construction: Christine Huber
Emerald City, Witches Castle, and Dorothy's House Design and Construction: Cindy & Richard Thompson
Prop Design and Construction:  Christine Huber
Poster & Program Artwork: Ben Dunn 
Poster & Program: Engela Edwards
Costumes: Actors, Parents, Alana Adams, AJ Fuex, Debbie Smith, Kimberly Dillon, Mrs. Wysong
Dance Captain: Zoe Picciandra
Munchkin Assistant: Isabella Wysong
Choreography: Engela Edwards, Alicia Gust, Danielle Huber, Danne Absher,Backstage Manager: Cindy Thompson
Backstage Crew: Janet Hargett, Zoe Picciandra, and more
Set Construction Crew: Chester Eitze, Christine Huber, Engela & Bill Edwards
House Manager: Christine Huber
House Crew: David Phillips, Wanda Phillips, Jonathan Wysong, Esther Wysong, Marlee Peterson, Mia Peterson, Will Holcomb, Anlaura Clark, Callan Clark, Kaia Clark, Ruby Charlton, Clara Charlton, Nathan Charlton, Bonnie Collier, Nick Collier, Richard Thompson, Lisa Picciandra, Doriann Gibson, Kaylee Gibson, Travis Gibson, Diane Parnell, Sarah Piquin, Kellie Dickon, Noah Dickon, Sarah Hoffman, Mary James, Janet Hargett, and more.
Phone Support: Bonnie Collier
Bastrop Opera House Executive Director: Chester Eitze
Special Thanks to: Ben Dunn, Des Devitt, G & C Printing, First National Bank Bastrop

Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.

Photo by Engela Edwards
Some of the cast of Oz in front of the Opera House after the 2013 Homecoming Parade.
L to R:  Rachel Edwards, Alicia Gust, Dominic Holcomb, Danielle Huber, Toto, Lisa Holcomb, Danne Absher, Mackenzie Gust.
Our float included some of the cast from Oz! Hallelujah Girls, Nutcracker, and Always...Patsy Cline and we won first place.

Standing: L to R 
Lisa Holcomb, Joycelyn Schedler, Emily Chappelear, Rachel Edwards, Danielle Huber, Danne Absher, Alicia Gust, Demetrio Vara, Debbie Smith, Alexandra Hargett, Kimberly Dillon, Michelle Billett, Janet Hargett
Middle row L to R:  Dominic Holcomb, Joe Holcomb, Zoe Picciandra, Isabella Wysong, Inaria Carter, Mackenzie Gust
Bottom row:  Abigail Dillon-Kissinger, Beki James, Lana Collins, Lana Crum, Nova Mu, Nicholas Gust, Lena Hoffman, Evangeline Wysong, James Duncan, Sydney Crum 
Not pictured:  Ariana Billett, Tamara Billett, Bren Betico, Cindy Thompson

Some of the cast.

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Produced by special arrangements with Pioneer Drama Inc., Englewood, Colorado

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