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Top: Thomas Scruggs, Ariana Billett, Rachel Edwards, and Tamara Billett
Bottom: Marlena Hoffman, Danielle Huber, and Corrigun Billett
Two performances in Bastrop - One performance in Bourne
"Melting" by Eddie Zipperer
“Cheating Death” by Kamron Klitgaard
Directed by Engela Edwards
Sat. June 7 & Sun. June 8, 2014 at 2:30 p.m.
At the Bastrop Opera House, 711 Spring Street, Bastrop, Tx

Friday, June 1:30 p.m. at Champion High School in Boerne, Texas
During the 19th Annual TNT Youth Theatre Conference

Moment is collection of two heartfelt and humorous one-act plays.  Both are dramatic comedies filled with laughter, bravery, and maybe a tear.  It is a moment in time, a moment of choice, a moment of acceptance, a "moment of revelation" and "a true moment of no regret." Life is filled such moments.  Some moments change your life.  Some lives change your moments. 

In “Melting” we meet two snowmen and listen in on their discussion on life.  In “Cheating Death” a group of hospital patients gather for their meeting.  Someone claiming to be Death appears, and the group tells stories and invites Death to tell her stories also.

Eddie Zipperer’s “Melting” was first produced at the Obsidian Art Space in Houston, TX and has since been performed in Hollywood, Seoul, Korea and theaters in between.  “Cheating Death” has been performed in the US, Canada, and Australia. 

The shows are rated G and suitable for all audiences.

The cast:
Rachel Edwards
Ariana Billett
Thomas Scruggs
Danielle Huber
Tamara Billett
Cory Billett
Marlena Hoffman

  • Director, Sound & Light Tech & Design: Engela Edwards
  • Costumes:  The cast, & Engela Edwards
  • Crew:  Christine Huber, Sarah Hoffman, Carla Scruggs, Michelle Billett, Engela Edwards
Special thanks to: Eddie Zipperer, The Bastrop Opera House, Chester Eitze, The city of Bastrop, cast parents, the audience, volunteers, and our families.

Melting produced with special permission by the author.
Cheating Death Produced by special arrangements with Pioneer Drama Inc., Englewood, Colorado

The very first production of Melting was at Obsidian Theatre in Houston, TX.

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