EASY Theatre of Austin
In Texas It's a Yellow Rose
by Engela Edwards
a wnners of the Texas Nonprofit Theatre's Blooming Briefs: Fruit of the Plume Ten Minute Play Contest!

March 17, 2012
Texas Civic Theatre Center in Tyler, Texas

Starring Chrystina Edwards, Kim Martin & Engela Edwarfds

photos by Linda Lee
About the winners here:  http://www.texastheatres.org/conferences/BBWinners2012.shtml

Engela Edwards (photo by Bill Edwards)
Engela Edwards 
In Texas It's a Yellow Rose
Elaine Liner (Photo by Mark Oristano)
Elaine Liner 
Joan Anderson and Dorothy Sanders
Joan Anderson and Dorothy Sanders 
Fort Worth
Horsing Around Cowtown
Carl Williams
Carl Williams 
Crossing the Bridge
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