Musical Comedy
Holiday Musical

A rollicking frolicking Holiday-Musical-Comedy
with over 50 performers.

From the creators of 
Marvelous Matriculation Musical
and Dancin' Cafe
john daniels, jr. & Engela Edwards

A Bastrop Opera House
Spring Street Players Production

Bastrop Opera House
711 Spring Street, Bastrop, Texas

December 1-16, 2006

Brief synopsis: 

The musical is set in the early 1900s in the town of Bastrop, Texas.  The Texas Pecan Princess is making her statewide tour and is coming to Bastrop.  The town is preparing its yearly Christmas pageant.  The townspeople are very excited to have the princess make an appearance in their show.

Wonderful Christmas MusicalAn illusionist arrives in Bastrop, and the town is spellbound.  A citywide dream occurs in which the princess arrives and the show is performed.  In the dream, everyone is larger than life and the show is wild, fanciful, and has elements of the fantastic.  The performances are great. 

Discover, along with the townspeople, that true Christmas magic isn't an illusion; and find the spirit of Christmas in the simplest of acts.

Expect to hear some of your favorite Christmas songs, along with new songs which are destined to become new favorites.

Photos from a rehearsal.

Wishing you beautiful...
Holiday Musical Event

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Audition Article

On October 16, the Bastrop Opera House held auditions for the Spring Street Players production of Holiday Musical by john daniels, jr. and Engela Edwards.  “The open auditions were fun,” said the shows co-author and co-director daniels, “When Engela and I hold auditions, they are wild and funny and very energetic.  Sometimes people are a little surprised and have to work into the proceedings.  This group jumped right in from the start.” 

Edwards added, “john and I direct shows which are ensemble pieces where everyone has a moment to shine.  We audition the shows the same way.  Some of the cast has been rehearsing since September Adding the new performers from auditions there are now over 50 in the cast, therefore the Holiday Musical is guaranteed to have more than fifty shining moments.”

Holiday Musical is set in the early 1900s.  The show features popular music from the period, original pieces, and seasonal standards.  The first scene takes place in the Opera House as a town meeting has been called to introduce the new Christmas pageant director.  The new director intends to replace the old traditional pageant and nativity with a “modern holiday reflection.”  The mayor and Historical Society are excited by the change, because the Pecan Princess, a goodwill ambassador who travels throughout Texas, will be appearing in the reflection.  Her enjoyment of the festivities could mean good publicity for Bastrop.  The children aren’t so keen on the idea and start an “Alternative Holiday Pageant Club.”  Enter traveling illusionist Drexler and things start to happen.  Holiday Musical has song, dance, comedy, warmth, fantasy, and surprises.

Thus far in 2006 the list of shows at the Opera House has included:  Making Love in Public; The Book of Liz; Marvelous Matriculation Musical and Vivacious Vaudeville; Funny Original Plays for Youth; The Firebird; Austin.Com…edy; The Star Spangled Girl, Dancin’ Café; Circumference of a Squirrel; and original radio plays for Yesterfest and tour groups and day visitors to Bastrop.  “When you add the shows to the classes taught, taking youth actors to the Texas Non-Profit Theaters Youth Conference, Yesterfest, civic luncheons, Opera House tours, two Bastrop library events, special events like hosting the Hyatt International Awards dinner, renovation of the Opera House lobby, kitchen, and bathrooms, and participating in Texas Nonprofit Theaters state conferences, this has been a busy and successful year.  Holiday Musical will nicely cap off 2006, and we’re looking forward to a wonderful 2007,” says Chester Eitze executive director of the Bastrop Opera house.

Holiday Musical runs Fridays and Saturdays - December 1-16, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. 
General Admission Tickets are $10 Adult; $8 Seniors (60 and above); $7 Students (college/high school); and $5 for all children (up to age 14).  Ticket are available now by emailing or calling (512) 321-6283.

Wonderful children's classes

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Wonderful children's classes

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