Held Over

A quirky comedy by john daniels, jr.
Directed by and starring Engela Edwards and john daniels, jr.

Engela Edwards and john daniels, jr. are “Making Laughter in Public” again, and they are doing it in boXes, a comic play by john daniels, jr. which premiered in 2007. 

If you have ever moved and while unpacking found that box, the one that has been taped shut for years, then you’ll understand playwright daniels’ fascination.  The tape is ripped back to reveal love letters, the ones you know by heart and the ones you must read again.  What would a playwright’s love letters be like?  A new play of course.  In boXes there is a wink and a smile, a laugh and a longing.

Characters from boXes

Jack, a very successful playwright, has to slow down.  He moves to a small town.  Instead of taking it easy he writes a show to play with his friend, Diane.  They end up doing everything from running the box office, doing the lights and sound, to acting in the show.  Or, then again, maybe everything that happens is in Jack's head, and Diane is only a piece of his fantasy.

The stage is covered with boxes of material from Jack and Diane's other plays, including various props, scripts, and costumes.  Or are the boxes in Jack's mind, too.  It really doesn't matter, because the show is hilarious no matter whether you're a realest or a dreamer.

Another show discription:

Come and taste this comedy by john daniels, jr.  Each scene is delicious. 

What would a playwright's gift to his favorite actress be like?  A new play of course.  Each scene wrapped like prized handcrafted truffles crafted by a master chocolatier. 

Every scene is a whimsical, delightful, confection.  Some are filled with layers, textures, and exquisite complexities, while others are bold, strong and flavorful.  Some scenes are truly delicate creations, while others are spicy and robust.  All are filled with love and humor.

The acting is sumptuous, rich, and sensuous.  The dialogue is a witty delectable indulgence, which you'll want to share with a loved one.

The primary ingredients:  Two actors who feel so at home on the stage and with each other that the audience feels like a guest in their home one moment and voyeurs the next. 

Come relish this decadent assortment of favorite flavors, and sample the always surprising sweet and savory treats.

boXes Held Over
by john daniels, jr.
Starring Engela Edwards and john daniels, jr.
Premiered at the Dougherty Arts Theater, Austin, Texas, July 6 & 7, 2007
Bastrop Opera House, Bastrop, Texas, July 21 - August 25, 2007
Doughterty Arts Theater, Austin, Texas, Feb. 8-16, 2008
boXes Held Over in Your City
This show can play on any stage, in any configuration.  A bare stage or a stage with any set (complete or incomplete) will work.  boXes Held Over is the perfect play to do between productions.  You don't have to keep your theater dark while you're building that huge set for your next show, or dismantling the one from the last show.  The show works great in repertory with other productions, since it can utilize the other show's set.  There is no special lighting required for this show just bright general illumination.  All the tech is run by the actors. 

You can either bring the original "Jack" and "Diane" to do the show at your theater, or you can order the script and produce the show yourself! 

Contact us for more information about booking the touring show. 


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