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Beyond Tolerance 
by Alan Haehnel 
Directed by Engela Edwards 
January 2010
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EASY Theatre of Austin
Cast photo by Engela Edwards

Back:  Jacob  Block, Rachel  Edwards, Keaton  Holcomb, Andrea  Geuea, Ethan  Glass
Front:  Sarah  Bullock, Landon  Holcomb, Patrick Spicer, Steven Spicer

Beyond Tolerance 
by Alan Haehnel 
Directed by Engela Edwards 

    Fri. & Sat. Jan. 8-16,  2010 at 7:30 p.m. 
    Bastrop Opera House, 711 Spring Street, Bastrop, Texas
    Rated PG 
    $5 tickets cash at the door or online with credit card or check.

    Live play for older children and adults who enjoy absurdist humor.  It is performed by the Bastrop Teen Troupe.  Enter the bizarre world of U. Burnem, "the finest educational institution in the world." Here, tolerance and political correctness are taken to extremes, and students find conformity is not merely encouraged, but required.

45 minutes.  Rated PG. 
Produced by special arrangements with Brooklyn Publishers
Info or group sales: 512-303-5516

If you can't afford to see this show, but would like to, please call 303-5516.

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